Jubilee Project

JubileeProjectThe Jubilee Project began when Potton Consolidated Charity approached us to help them spend some money to benefit local people.

We were aware of a small group of young adults with additional needs living in the town who, unable to access any further education courses and unable to find work, were isolated, unfulfilled and increasingly unhappy.

So we put together a project to bring these guys together and find ways to integrate them back into our community, giving them a reason to get up in the morning, to improve their social skills, and bring some meaning to their lives.

Now every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon they can be found having fun together. They love exploring new places, learning new skills, growing things, making things, volunteering in a charity shop, baking, travelling, ice creams, hot chocolate, birthday treats. Picking up litter, flying kites, walking in the woods, and just ‘hanging out’ together all these things and more bring enormous pleasure to this delightful group of amazing people. They were once a room of individuals sitting in silence. Now they are a team, a group who chatter away, and share terrible jokes and banter and moan endlessly about the weather. Our greatest strengths that we tolerate difference, overcome enormous challenges and encourage one another through difficult times.

Vision and resources for the project came in 2012 the year of Jubilee and the Biblical concept of Jubilee – freedom, fresh start and new opportunity made the choice of our name a ‘no-brainer’. Our logo, a bird in flight, represents how we hope that being part of the project gives the participants wings, increased hope and heightened aspirations. Two of the group have chosen to embrace the opportunity for independent living since the project began. Surviving this level of change is amazing. We are so proud at the achievements of every single member of the group.

Together with our Good Neighbour Scheme and the Foodstore the Jubilee project forms our Compassion Ministry in which we seek to care for ‘the lost the least and the last’.

If you would like to join the Jubilee Project either as a volunteer or participant, please contact us.