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Welcome to our website! If you are new to this site, we hope you find the information here helpful to give you a flavour of life at Potton Vineyard Church. But don't just leave it at that... please drop in and see us in person at 24 Market Square, Potton or on a Sunday morning. You'll be very welcome!
Want to find out more about the Christian faith? Why not come along on a Sunday morning or to one of the many other events we organise to see what Potton Vineyard are all about. Or you can explore a little more online by exploring this website.

Community. We are committed to the community in and around Potton.  Take a look at some of what goes on in Potton, including TOAST, a toddlers group; Faith and Light; Vineyard Cafe; or The Good Neighbours Scheme. We are a registered provider of The Parenting Puzzle parenting course.

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Latest Talks

Kingdom Parables - The Wheat and the Weeds (download)
David Roberts, 21/09/2014
Who is the greatest? (download)
Alan Watson, 07/09/2014
Kingdom Parables - The 12 Bridesmaids (download)
Nicola Watson, 31/08/2014
Kingdom Parables - Treasure in a field (download)
John Burns, 10/08/2014
Kingdom Parables - The Unforgiving Servant (download)
Doug Pinkston, 03/08/2014
Kingdom Parables - The Unforgiving Servant (58KB)
Kingdom Parables - The Wedding Banquet (download)
Kassy Lean, 27/07/2014
Kingdom Parables - Mustard Seed and Yeast (download)
Andy Robinson, 20/07/2014
Kingdom Parables - The Generous King (download)
Alan Watson, 13/07/2014
Kingdom Parables - Introduction (download)
Nicola Watson, 06/07/2014
Acts 2:42 - A Generous Church part 2 (download)
Alan Watson, 08/06/2014
Acts 2:42 - A Generous Church (download)
Alan Watson, 01/06/2014
Acts 2:42 - A Holy Church (download)
Nicola Watson, 18/05/2014
Listening to God (download)
Alan Watson, 11/05/2014
Christian Police Association Day of Prayer (download)
Andy Robinson, 11/05/2014
Serving in South Sudan (download)
Robert Johnson, 04/05/2014
Ed Rooks Presentation (download)
Ed Rooks, 04/05/2014
Commissioning the Potton Messy Church Team (download)
Nicola Watson, 04/05/2014
Acts 2:42 - A Caring Church (download)
Gordon McCann, 27/04/2014
Acts 2:42 - A Caring Church (2,195KB)
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 Recent Messages 
What on earth am I here for? - Created to become like Christ (download)
Alan Watson, 26/10/2014
What on earth am I here for? - Formed for God's family (download)
Nicola Watson, 19/10/2014
The Gideons (download)
Derek Dean, 19/10/2014
What on earth are we here for? - Planned for His pleasure (download)
Alan Watson, 05/10/2014
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"It was GREAT!!! "

Ema Makower, Tue 23 May, 8:31pm
The First Vineyard Cafe, Vineyard Coffee Stop
Quick Start Guide - Take a Tour
Liz burke (Guest), Tue 15 Feb, 10:41am
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